Descope Documentation

Welcome to Descope, a passwordless authentication and user management service designed for developers. With our SDKs and no-code workflow builder, you can easily create and customize secure authentication flows for every interaction a user has with your B2B or B2C application.

How Descope Helps

Regain developer focus

Focus your time and energy on developing you core features instead of building and keeping up with the complex and ever changing world of authentication.

Delight your end users

Keep your end users coming back with seamless authentication that does not impose the cognitive load of creating and remembering passwords.

Reduce your attack surface

Prevent attackers from breaking authentication through session theft, credential stuffing, brute force, and other exploit methods.

Get Started

There are three different approaches to integrating the Descope service into your application: Descope Flows, Frontend SDK, and Backend SDK. The recommended and fastest way to integrate your application is using Descope Flows. The video tutorial below and Quick Start Guide covers the details.

Example Apps