Descope platform is highly customizable and lets you customize the branding, styling, user journeys, and many system settings without changing application logic or touching your code. There are a few different areas of Descope platform that you can customize to fit your business needs.

Customize Branding

Descope allows you to customize the color and styles of all the screens, such as sign-up, sign-in, etc. Individual settings done in the screen editor within the Flows section will override the overall style settings. You can customize these styles from the Descope console(Build>Styles).

Customize Authentication Flows

Descope flows feature provide an easy way to customize all user journeys, including sign-up, sign-in, step-up, and more, without the need to write custom application code. These flows can be customized from the Descope Console>Build>Flows.

Customize Authentication Settings

Descope allows customization of settings for different authentication methods within the console on a project level.

Customize Project Settings

More details on how to customize project wide settings can be found here.