If you're building your website with Descope, you may want to only allow invite-only users the ability to access your site. Or, you may want to only allow a user with a specific email domain to register as a user on your site. This guide will explain how you can install controls on who can register as a user on your site, using the User Management console.

Enable Invite Only User Registration

If you wish to block self-registration so that only users that you have invited through the Console can authenticate with your website, you can select the Block self-registration sign up box under Project Settings.

Descope block self-registration sign up.
It's important that you configure the User Invitation Redirect URL, as this is the URL that will be included in the invite email sent out. Typically speaking, this is the login or sign-up page of the application.

Descope sample user invite.

A user will now only be able to verify their identity and authenticate if they have signed up using their invitation link.

Restrict User Registration to Specific Email Domain

Even if you have turned off self-registration of users, as shown in the previous section, you can still allow users to self-register under a specific domain using Tenants.

In order to do this, you will need to set a domain for a specific tenant in the Console. If not already created, create a new tenant and access the new tenant's settings to add the domain you wish to restrict users to, like this:

Afterwards, all non-tenant-associated users will still not be able to self-register. However, those with the email domain of the tenant you provided, should still be able to.

If you have any other questions about Descope or user registration and invitations, feel free to reach out to us!