Company Settings

Within the Descope console, you can configure various items around your company from the Company Settings page. Within this page there are 3 tabs for managing company settings, Descopers, and Management keys.


Within the settings tab, you can configure the Company Name.You can also configure SSO for your Descope admins by clicking the Start SSO Setup which will walk you through the configuration of SAML SSO on your Descope company. This essentially walks you through the Self-Service Provisioning flow. Once completed, then your Descope admins will be able to authenticate to the Descope console using SSO.You can also optionally check the box for Allow Developer Success to access my data for troubleshooting purposes which enables the Descope Developer Success team to capture further information within your project for troubleshooting purposes.


Users who have access to your Descope Console are known as Descopers. You can manage these from the Descopers tab in the Console. Here you can create, delete, and manage your Descopers. When creating a new Descoper you can choose whether to send the invitation via email, and can also configure the Descoper role for the user.

Descoper roles

Descopers can be associated to specific projects and roles. When you uncheck the Company Admin checkbox and configure the user's roles based on project. The users will only have access to the projects that you associate them with, and they will only have rights within those projects per the below outline of the roles within Descope at a company level.
Company AdminCompany admins have full read/write access across the company and all projects.
Project AdminDescopers associated to project(s) with the Admin role have full read/write access across the projects they are associated with.
Project DeveloperDescopers associated to project(s) with the Developer role have read/write access across all of the projects they are associated, including the Project-level settings. However, they will not have read/write access to Company-level settings.
Project SupportDescopers associated to project(s) with the Support role have access to read the following: Authentication Methods, Flows, Connectors, IdP Apps, Authorization, and Project Settings. These users have full read/write access within the users, access keys, tenants, and audit pages.

Management keys

Within the Management Keys tab you can create, delete, and manage the Management keys within your company. Review the Management Keys documentation for further details about management keys and how they are used.